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There are different reasons for booking a consultation (private sitting). Some want to connect with a loved one who has passed away, and others seek insight and guidance about themselves or their lives. For some it’s a combination of both. A private sitting should serve both the need of the client’s spirit, and those wishing to commune from the spirit world.

As a medium, I am aware of the spirit. I believe that where possible, those we love will always endeavour to try to phone home, to reassure us they are happy and at peace, that they are still around.

My psychic awareness allows me to feel, see, hear and imagine with insight the ebbs and flows of life. I sometimes read the energy, colour and patterns of the human aura to see what is happening with my clients. Often, I will use tarot and I combine my awareness using the symbols of the cards to give me greater insight into the different areas of life to help see what’s occurred, occurring and maybe will occur. My goal is to provide an overview and genuine hope, never false hope and never fear.

When mediumship works well it can be a life changing experience, as this is what I strive for, on behalf of those I see.  Everyone, needs peace, I see my role as a facilitator to help you, help yourself to get the best experiences from your life.

One to one appointments are a fantastic opportunity for you to experience mediumistic awareness in action.

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1-1  Private sittings – £60.00 per appointment

I am available for face to face appointments in person near Moorgate, EC2Y

I am also available to connect with clients through Skype or FaceTime and telephone readings.

Payment is accepted through PayPal or cash in person for face to face appointments

I am also available for private sittings at The College of Psychic Studies in South Kensington, please note the charge at the college is £85.00  Appointments held at the College of psychic Studies – click here to book




Special Summertime Group Booking Offer (valid till the end of September)
if you have 5 people, I am happy to come to your home and do 5,one to one 30 min readings at £40 per head (total for booking £200  to book, call me 07515 666510

I will travel for groups bookings of 4 or more to offer 1-1 readings. (30min) private sittings each or a groups of people in the same room similar to a demonstration of mediumship.

For out calls please phone me to discuss, me on 07575 666510.  (my charge for this service varies depending on distance from my home, travel time and fares.