I have been working with spirit for over 20 years. I love what I do, and the people I meet and connect with, it really is a huge privilege to do what I do.

I believe that Mediumship should affirm that love, like life does not die.  It should bring peace to the mind and soul of the individual.

Being a medium is not just about talking to those in the spirit world, but also being aware of the power of the spirit which is here and now within each and every one of us.

I have demonstrated and presented my mediumship extensively all over the UK and abroad. I have been fortunate enough to work alongside and trained by some of the most talented mediums of our time (Glyn Edwards, Tony Stockwell, Mavis Pittilla). I am also tutor at the renowned College of Psychic Studies.

I offer a personalized approach to all things mediumistic, spiritual and psychic.

I offer 1-1 private sittings (mediumistic, psychic and tarot) to clients all over the world.

To serve the spirit is a joy and privilege. I aspire to offer those I see insight, compassion and connection. My goal is to bring peace and to reunite you with those you love in the spirit world who are only a thought away. I aim to connect you to the power and wonder of the Spirit.

Based in central London


During the current Covid 19  pandemic, both out of consideration to myself and house hold but to potential clients.  I am not offering in person face to face meetings.

I am only offering appointments, via Zoom, Facetime and Skype appointments for the foreseeable future.

This removes any unnecessary travel for my clients to see me and expose themselves to risks on public transport and also reducing the risk off bringing any virus into my home/workspace.

Online appointments work just as affectively as seeing you face to face.

“Daniel Pitt Is one of the finest mediums I know. He is like a mirror that reflects love, beauty and accurate information from our loved ones who have passed into the afterlife, producing convincing evidence that there is a life beyond this earthly one". Arthur Molinary