Where to see me

July 5, 2018

Demonstration of Mediumship

Thursday 5th July

An evening of Clairvoyance and Mediumship.
Millmead Hall, Millmead Road,
Margate CT9 3QN

7pm start

Private sittings available 5th, 6th and 7th July

30mins  for £35.00 each, please book through Kay Austin to arrange appointments on 01843 297665

July 14, 2018

Experience Time Travel via your Psychic & Mediumistic Ability

Step Back In Time – Experience Time Travel through your Psychic and Mediumistic Ability

11:00am – 5:00pm
£35.00 per person

Come & Join Kallima & Daniel Pitt with this fascinating workshop.

This will be a fun and exciting day using your own psychic ability and working with those who guide you in the spirit world.

Daniel will take you on a journey back in time, using deep relaxation and meditation.

Discover if you have been here before, if you share a past life with your spirit guides and/ or those around you already in this life.

Explore how experiences from the past affect your life now discover who are your shadows and may be your soul mates and teachers

You will also be shown how to use your psychic ability to give soul readings to help others see their journey from past to present.

Tutor :- Daniel Pitt

* No experience required

Spaces MUST be Booked & Paid for in advance
Contact us on 01268524040 or email us at info@kallima.co.uk to book your space

**Full Disabled Access**

August 4, 2018

Workshop at the The London Spiritualist Mission

Workshop at the The London Spiritualist Mission
13 Pembridge Place, London W2

Saturday 4th August 2018
10.00am – 4.00pm

Conversations with Spirit

A day of exploration into the many ways the spirit world speak to us and relay information through mediumship

Mediumship is the language to speak with the spirit

Come and speak with those who dwell in the other world, come and receive help to be more mindful, more conscious of what the spirit world are trying to say about themselves and to you as a medium, come and allow your soul to converse with those in the spirit world, and allow that conversation to be expressed in your mediumship

A energetic day of work, practice, debate, reflection and freedom to allow the spirit to use you and your uniqueness within your mediumship

Learn how to use your power to talk to those in the spirit world

The workshop will be tailored to the needs and level of expertise of those present.

£35.00 for the day

Please bring your own packed lunch
To book your place contact Ann on 7930 362482

August 12, 2018

Tarot Part 1

Tarot Card Reading 5 Day Course (once a month)
Tutor – Daniel Pitt

Saturday 12th August
Saturday 1st September
Saturday 6th October
Saturday 10th November
Saturday 1st December

£35.00 per person each class
11am – 5pm each class

Learning to read the Tarot Cards isn’t as difficult as you may think – give it a go, you might surprise yourself.

The Tarot can be used for insight and perspective on various situations that you may encounter. These situations may be not be clearly apparent at the time of reading so the cards can also give you advance warning on things that may be coming your way.

During these workshops we will be studying the traditional meanings of the 78 cards and work on your own interpretation.

We will also be discussing subjects such as ethics when reading for others plus we will practice different spreads and layouts, giving you the opportunity find one that you feel comfortable working with.

This course is split into 5 different days – giving more time to go deeper into the meaning of the cards plus enabling you to develop your own interpretations for your deck.

The lessons will cover the following items:
The Major Arcana
The Pentacles, Wands, Swords and Cups Groups
Numerology, Seasons and Timings, Ethics
Astrology and Tarot, Developing the Court Cards, Advanced Spreads

The course is open to anyone who has an interest in tarot whether you have any experience for am a complete beginner!

If you have your own cards you can use them. We do have some decks that you can use just for the course, alternatively we do have some brilliant decks for sale at Kallima.

Certificate of Attendance is issued if all 5 classes are attended

Spaces Must be booked in advance

Tutor – Daniel Pitt

to book  – Kallima

September 8, 2018

Workshop - The Rainbow of Mediumship and the Aura


The Rainbow of Mediumship and the Aura

a one day workshop

Cost £45

Please bring lunch and if you wish something to share !

Places held with a £10 deposit and minimum numbers required.

A one-day workshop looking at the human Auric field, the use of Colour and its interpretation and its significance in psychic and mediumistic development. A day of meditation, exercises, and opportunities to use your awareness to read this energy field and discover what we can about the people we work within one to ones.
Everything is in the Aura, we just need to learn to understand how to access it.
Please bring a writing pad and colouring pencils with you.

Book here

07788 791677

September 10, 2018

10 week Courses

Spirits Apprentice

Monday 10 September10 weeks

Come and be supported and encouraged to discover and develop your psychic and mediumistic ability.

Daniel will take you on a ten week journey into the exploration of your ability and potential. Together you will explore and answer the many questions that arise when newly approaching spiritual, psychic and mediumistic development.

Daniel will help you to realise your own unique gifts by exploring different techniques in a very practical way, including:

Sensing and tuning into the energy around and within you
Attunement, learning about building your own psychic and spiritual power (opening and closing)
Psychometry – reading the energy of an object
Sensing auras and colours
Learning the symbols of your mind
Connecting with your spirit guides

Using your intuition is something that everyone can do, it’s simply a matter of know-how and practice, which you will get on this course.

Book here

September 10, 2018

The Psychic Self
Daniel Pitt Monday 10 September10 weeks
Come and join Daniel on a 10 week journey to discover and work with your psychic ability.

Together we will focus on our psychic sensitivity to help understand and read the many aspects of energy that make up our individual lives

Week 1 – Establish opening and closing of your psychic awareness. How we build it and use it

Week 2 – Building good psychic connections with others: ways to connect, discover what works best for you

Week 3 – Empathy: how we sense another person’s emotions

Week 4 – Telepathy – the power of thought and how to use it in connecting with others

Week 5 – Past, present, and future: how to feel, see, and hear these aspects of someone’s life.

Week 6 – Colour: how it can move and affect you

Week 7 – Psychic Touch: (psychometry) How we can feel energy and read it from objects, rooms/places

Week 8 – Tarot, angel cards, divination cards – how to use symbols, colours and images to gain information

Week 9 – The power of the doodle – using drawings, doodles and handwriting as inspiration

Week 10 – All about you! Daniel will demonstrate to the class allthe things that have been learnt

book here

September 14, 2018

10 week course - The Spiritual Medium

The Spiritual Medium

A 10 week course led by Daniel PittStarting weekly from Thursday 13th September
*excluding certain weeks

7.15pm -9.15pm

The London Spiritualist Mission,
13 Pembridge Place, London, W2 4XB

Discover and step into the brilliance of being a spiritual medium.

A course focusing on spiritual, mediumistic and psychic development, using the natural power around you. When we do this, and trust the spirit world to navigate and inspire us mediumship can be life changing for everyone.

Course topics:-

 The Great Power
 The ‘I’ in mediumship
 What does the spirit world really want to say?
 The aura and its place in mediumship
 Your Individual mediumship
 The private sitting
 The soul writes
 Presenting mediumship to an audience

This course will include talks, tutorials and practice

Course fee £130

To book call Doreen Quinnell 07932 626927

November 13, 2018

Two Mediums - One Evening - M

Two Mediums – One Evening – Messages from the Spirit World

Anthony Kesner & Daniel Pitt

Tuesday 13 November

7:00pm – 8:30pm

Anthony Kesner and Daniel Pitt are both senior lecturers at the College and they have both been on platform throughout the United Kingdom for many years.

Tonight they will be presenting a demonstration of mediumship and you will have the opportunity to see their two different styles of mediumship.

Both of them will be bringing in messages from those close to you that have passed over. Messages of love, support and encouragement.

It promises to be a very special evening.

for tickets book here

November 18, 2018

Workshop - Psychic and Mediumistic Awareness for All

Psychic and Mediumistic Awareness for All
A One Day workshop

Sunday 18 November

10:00am – 5:00pm

Would you like to explore the natural power you have within you?

During this day, Dan will teach you how to listen to the voice and power of the spirit within.

You will learn how to connect with and develop a relationship with your loved ones in the spirit world and those who guide you.

Talking to your own loved ones in the spirit world is your birth right, it is natural. You will learn how to recognise and understand the information that you are given and the different ways that this can come through to you.

This workshop is open to those new to this work as well as to the more experienced who would like to refresh their skills.


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